myON Digital Platform

We are very excited to be launching our participation in myON, a new digital platform which will allow our pupils unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books. This forms an integral part of our commitment to support home learning, to increase pupil engagement and to further develop reading skills in our pupils. As a Trust, we have invested in myON to support your child’s reading while we support your child while working from home.

About myON

myON is a digital platform which allows pupils unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books. Pupils can enjoy a wide range of genres and authors as well as informational texts. The platform personalises the reading experience by matching pupil’s reading level and interests to help find their next book.

Close-reading tools, including an embedded dictionary, text highlighting and audio also help to develop pupil engagement with reading.

As well as books, pupils also have access to age appropriate news articles all year round.

myON will motivate pupils to become better and more confident readers as well as taking accountability for their reading growth.


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Parent Guide to myON 1 10th Jun 2020 Download
Images for website 10th Jun 2020 Download
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