About our Academy

We expect our pupils to work hard be well disciplined, achieve to the best of their ability and take pride in all that they do.

Teachers ensure that they are well prepared and continuously develop themselves to enhance our provision and extend our pupils.  We are unrelenting and graciously uncompromising in our approach.  We promote this by ensuring;

  • The highest standards of achievement
  • Excellent teaching and learning
  • A challenging and tailored learning journey for all;
  • Participation, personal development and well-being;
  • Courtesy, respect and self-discipline;

We would like to welcome you to High Halstow Primary Academy. The Academy provides a happy and safe environment with a caring ethos and the staff are committed to providing the best for all of the children.

Children are prepared for life through a varied curriculum which develops their basic skills in English and Maths, and through the promotion of social skills. They are encouraged to be ambitious and to work hard to achieve their goals.
The Academy provides a range of educational visits to enrich the learning experience and broaden the children’s horizons. Children enjoy these opportunities and talk enthusiastically about them.
We recognise and value the important role that parents and carers have in their child’s learning and development, and aim to work in partnership to ensure the children are well cared for and enjoy their learning.
Visits can be arranged through the office. We look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Gemma Stangroom